In the digital world, we send and receive many different types of files through email, FTP, DVD and other means. This page attemps to demystify the file and media types that are widely used today. This is not meant to be a complete list.


Video file types:

Flash (internet) = .flv

MPEG (internet, DVD, editing) = .mpg

AVI (editing) = .avi

Quicktime (internet, editing) = .mov

Windows Media Video (internet) = .wmv


Audio file types:

Wave = .wav

MP3 = .mp3

AIFF = .aif

Windows Media Audio = .wma


Image file types:

JPEG (pixel based-low and high quality)= .jpg

GIF (pixel based-web use-low quality) = .gif

Targa (pixel based-high quality) = .tga

TIFF (pixel based-high quality) = .tif

Photoshop (pixel based-high quality) = .psd

Illustrator (vector based-high quality) = .ai

EPS (vector based-high quality) = .eps


Media types:

CD+-R/RW – 700MB capacity (music CD, data files, VCD, SVCD)

DVD+-R/RW – 4.7GB capacity single layer (DVD Video, data files)

BD-R/RW (Blu-ray) – 25GB capacity single layer (HD video, data files)

Flash drive – (aka thumb drive/USB drive) for data storage/transport

SD Card – Secure Digital for data storage/transport

SDHC – new type Secure Digital High Capacity memory card

Compact Flash – memory card for data storage/transport

Memory Stick – memory card developed and sold by Sony

Hard Drive – mass data storage

Micro Drive – mini hard drive in a Compact Flash enclosure