The following files are available for download are intended to help clients work within some of the technical requirements at KOMO 4 and Fisher Plaza.


Widescreen Center Cut Safe Area Guides:

Center cut overlays are available for 1920×1080 and 1280×720 canvas sizes. We have formats in Photoshop, targa, jpeg and PDF depending on what will work best for you. All files except jpeg have a transparent background. Please use the following link but please note the way you access the files is different if you’re on a Mac or Windows computer.


For Windows users: Copy and paste the link into Windows Explorer (NOT Internet Explorer!)

For Mac users: Simply click on the link, navigate to the “HD_Overlays” folder.


The following links will allow you access to PDF versions in case you are not able to access the FTP site. Please note, if your video editing application is not compatible with PDF files, you will have to use Photoshop to convert it into another file format that supports alpha channels.


1920 x 1080 Center Cut Area PDF (255 kb)


1280 x 720 Center Cut Area PDF (138 kb)