Broadway at the Paramount 2010-2011 Season Promos

Last week, we shot a donut spot with Kent Phillips at the beautiful and historic Paramount Theatre in downtown Seattle. We scouted the theatre a week before the shoot to determine the best locations for backgrounds. The finished spots will feature the 5 new shows including Billy Elliot, Mary Poppins, Hair, Burn the Floor and Rock of Ages in the 2010-2011 season.

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Setting up the first shot in the upper lobby area.

Before Kent showed up, we set up lighting for our second location on the main floor of the auditorium to help move things along.

After Kent arrived, we did the usual mic checks and white balance.

Our extras didn’t show up so you’re looking at our last minute background people to make the shot a bit  livelier. Nick Pavlovsky and Ryan Marth from KPS also helped out as extras in the far background.

Setting up the shot on the lower floor of the main auditorium.

Our good shooters hard at work!

This was our final interior location way up in the upper balcony.


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