Farewell Mark Nazarino

Dr. Oz turns the camera on Mark!

After 20 years at KOMO TV, Mark Nazarino clocked out for the last time on Tuesday, November 17th. Mark has been involved with almost every department at KOMO. He’s held positions in Master Control, EFP and KOMO Production Services. His last position was Operations Technical Supervisor overseeing and coordinating complicated studio productions for major clients. As a videographer, he’s worked with small local clients up to corporate level executives and has supported all types of productions at the station. If you click around on this blog, you’ll see many of the projects he’s been involved in. Mark’s great personality and “can-do” attitude will be missed around the station. Staff gathered in the main control room on his last day to share memories and to learn more about Mark’s new endeavors.

Pictures From The Main Control Room


Where Is Mark Going?

Mark is moving on to a marketing position with Farmers New World Insurance Company. He’s definitely not selling insurance but will continue with video production and marketing at this world reknowned company. Mark has indicated that we’ll be seeing him around the station in the future renting out studios for future productions. We wish him the best! For a personal tribute and account of some of Mark’s work, visit my blog at The Render Q here.

Photos From Mark’s Going Away Party At Daniel’s Broiler On Lake Union

Mark and Dennis Hanson

And the winners are... James Owen and Mark Nazarino!

Mark with Dan Lewis of KOMO 4 News

John Barret, James Owen and John Reynolds

Mark and Debbie Nazarino with Kathi Goertzen of KOMO 4 News

Mark and Debbie with Jaime Mendez (KUNS-TV) and Kathi Goertzen (KOMO-TV)

Mark and Debbie with KOMO TV General Manager Jim Clayton

DW Clark and Mark

Rich Roberge General Sales Manager for KUNS-TV and Jeff Loera KOMO TV Account Executive


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