Nintendo of America Holiday SMT

This post was written by Mark Nazarino, KOMO Operations Technical Supervisor:

Nintendo SMT 001My day started at 2:30am at KOMO. Nintendo had a big announcement that needed to be shared to all major media outlets before the upcoming holidays. Nintendo was to lower the price of the ever popular Nintendo Wii to $199 and were gearing up to release a couple new games including a new Wii Fit exercise game and a four-player Super Mario. KOMO Productions Services conducted a Satellite Media Tour with Nintendo to transmit the announcement to 15 TV stations across the United States. Stations included were CNBC, WBFF Baltimore, KUSA Denver and Reuters to name a few. President and COO Reggie Fils-Amine of Nintendo America broadcasted out of studio C to make the announcement.

Nintendo SMT 014

Nintendo SMT 032

Nintendo SMT 022
Steve Wilson and Reggie Fils-Amine



Nintendo SMT 021

Reggie Fils-Amine and Mark Nazarino

Nintendo SMT 010

Steve Wilson directs out of Control Room 2

Nintendo SMT 017Nintendo SMT 007Nintendo SMT 006Nintendo SMT 018


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