Cascade Elementary School Featured in Promo

Morning News 13Reading, writing, and ROLL tape!  It took the KOMO 4 promo crew, cameraman Mark Nazarino, 20 excited kids and four excited anchors to help make this year’s back to school promos for KOMO 4 Morning News.  It was a fun filled shoot in the hot sun at Cascade Elementary School in Issaquah.  The kids were great sports and took direction well from creative services producer Sara Avery. What’s the secret according to Sara? We just bribed them with a van full of fruit punch, cracker jacks, and lollipops! Great shots were taken all from the one location. Video was shot on BetacamSX in widescreen format. Many thanks to the Cascade Elementary School and parents who helped make this shoot such a success! The promo features KOMO 4 Morning News anchors Mike Dardis, Molly Shen, Paul Deanno and Rachel Murcia. KOMO 4 Morning News is seen weekdays from 5am-7am on KOMO 4.

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Morning News 1

Morning News 2

Chilling out in the van where all the goodies were stashed.

Morning News 3

Morning News 4

Morning News 5

Morning News 6

Morning News 7

Morning News 8


Morning News 9

Morning News 10

Morning News 11

See how organized the kids were? We couldn’t ask for better cooperation from our young actors!

Morning News 14

Morning News 15

Morning News 16

Morning News 17

Morning News 18

Morning News 19

Morning News 20

Morning News 21

Morning News 22


Morning News 24

Morning News 25


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