Cesari Direct Multi-cam HD Production for Brilliant Frame

CesariAug2009 001Cesari Direct, a regular client of KPS is back for another large scale production. They are in the business of producing amazing infomercials. More than likely you’ve seen an infomercial that Cesari Direct has produced. Some of their clients include: Juice Man, George Forman Grill, Oxy Clean, Rug Doctor and Sonic Care Toothbrush.

The infomercial promoted front loading picture frames from a company called Brilliant Frame. When Cesari Direct comes in to produce an infomercial, they make full use of our studio space. Studio B became the producers area where progress was monitored outside of the control room. Studio C was transformed into a residential interior to showcase the Brilliant Frame picture frames.


CesariAug2009 017

CesariAug2009 020

CesariAug2009 021

CesariAug2009 031Control room 2 was outfitted with 3 HDCam decks to capture the footage in full 1080i. With the help of an AJA SDI converter box, the crew in video control was able to view the action on HD monitors.

CesariAug2009 023The 2 hosts are nationally recognized in the infomercial world.

Pitchman Jan Muller 

Pitchwoman Lorne Chase 

CesariAug2009 007

Jan Muller and Lorne Chase between takes.

Again, this production was recorded on HDCam tape in 1080i. This was a first for KPS to meet the needs of Cesari Direct to film in HD. After some research, Mark Nazarino, Technical Supervisor at KOMO TV realized we had most of the HDCam equipment in house. With minimal rental of a control cable and remote box for the jib camera, KPS was able was able to deliver beautiful 1080i video to Cesari Direct.


CesariAug2009 029

CesariAug2009 035

Rick Cesari overseeing the production.

CesariAug2009 036

CesariAug2009 037

CesariAug2009 039

CesariAug2009 044

CesariAug2009 049

CesariAug2009 054

The "Video Villiage" set up in Studio B.

CesariAug2009 056

CesariAug2009 057

CesariAug2009 058

CesariAug2009 062

Brilliant Frames ready to be incorporated into the infomercial.

CesariAug2009 063

CesariAug2009 065

CesariAug2009 070

CesariAug2009 076


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