Smart Cremation

Today, I went along as a grip for the production of 5 new Smart Cremation spots at their offices in Redmond. Producer today was DW. We brought 2 full set-ups so I could light a 2nd location while filming was done at another. However, we ended up using only one light kit because we only shot 3 spots that morning that were only about 30 feet apart from each other. Mark Nazarino did an excellent job manning the camera and fine tuning the lighting. Additional spots will be shot on another day.


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About Smart Cremation

Smart Cremation is a privately held company that was founded by people with vast experience in the funeral industry. Our mission is to make it easy for the person doing the planning as well as for the loved ones left behind – while honoring the earth in the process.


SmartCremation 001


SmartCremation 014


SmartCremation 016

SmartCremation 021


SmartCremation 029


SmartCremation 037


SmartCremation 039


SmartCremation 042


SmartCremation 046


SmartCremation 052


SmartCremation 053


SmartCremation 055


SmartCremation 058


SmartCremation 064


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