Lou Tice with Special Guest Gene Juarez

LouTice 014World reknowned influential speaker and educator Lou Tice recently returned to Fisher Plaza for his latest video production. Lou Tice is the founder of the Pacific Institute which pushes the boundaries of excellence through his teachings and a whole host of videos aimed at making individuals, groups and companies succeed. The production brought in an entire crew from KOMO utilizing Studio B as the green room and Studio C as the production studio. It was a 2 day, multi-camera production with Steve Wilson directing out of Control Room 2. Students from the local Gene Juarez Academy were brought in for this highly educational experience. On the 2nd day of production, a surprize visit from Gene Juarez himself brought excitement and enthusiasm to the students attending his school, giving them an extra boost of encouragement and a chance to meet the founder of the Gene Juarez Salons & Spas.


LouTice 021


LouTice 013


LouTice 011


LouTice 010


LouTice 009


LouTice 003


LouTice 001


LouTice 033


LouTice 032


LouTice 031


LouTice 020


LouTice 019


LouTice 018


LouTice 015


LouTice 005


LouTice 004


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