Pat Cashman HD Production

PatCashman 051When Pat Cashman and Kevin Raichl were planning their latest production, they chose Fisher Plaza’s studio for their location for Grover’s Electrical and Plumbing. This was an all day shoot that finished early thanks to good organization and planning. While Kevin Raichl of Visual Thinking Northwest Inc. was filming one scene, Nick Junke was busy lighting the next scene making the move from one location to another a breeze. Efficiency is a key factor in many productions because time is money and every set up takes a substantial amount of time. Pat brought in a group of actors and HD production team. DW facilitated the movement between locations at Fisher Plaza. The production was shot in Studio B and C with additional filminng in Sport Restaurant located on the street level at Fisher Plaza. As seen in the production photos, a number of different scenes were created as well as some green screen footage.  A lot of clients choose Fisher Plaza and KOMO Production Services for their productions because of the flexibility of our building and the expertise of our staff. I hope you enjoy the behind-the-scenes look at this production. Also included are a few of the completed spots edited by Visual Thinking Northwest Inc.


PatCashman 025


PatCashman 018

PatCashman 057

PatCashman 105

PatCashman 087

PatCashman 085

PatCashman 081

PatCashman 078

PatCashman 071

PatCashman 069

PatCashman 066


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PatCashman 063

PatCashman 060

PatCashman 058


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PatCashman 049


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PatCashman 044

PatCashman 034

PatCashman 026

PatCashman 017

PatCashman 016

PatCashman 015

PatCashman 014

PatCashman 009

PatCashman 008

PatCashman 007

PatCashman 002


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PatCashman 001


About Visual Thinking Northwest Inc.:

Visual Thinking Northwest Inc. is a media production company based in Bend, Oregon. The people at VTNW have scads of experience creating broadcast television and radio, as well as corporate, sales, training and demonstration videos. You choose the level of production, from a full-blown national HD television series, down to video podcasting and any stop on the way. VTNW has the people, equipment, and skills to create the message you want and fall within your budget. In fact, our reputation is built on delivering on time, and on budget, every time.


About Pat Cashman:

Over the years, Pat Cashman has done creative work for televison, radio, print, cartoons and video games—in addition to being on-air talent and writer for the multi Emmy award-winnning “Almost Live” sketch comedy show that ran for 15 seasons on KING TV in Seattle—and also aired two seasons on Comedy Central and in other syndication runs.


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