Fisher Plaza power outtage strengthens teamwork!

While everyone was planning a nice relaxing 4th of July weekend, nobody could have predicted the events that kicked off the start of the holiday weekend. A fire broke out in the power vault on the second floor of the Fisher Plaza parking garage. As the heat intesified, the fire sprinklers were triggered averting an even larger fire. However, the damage was done and electrical power was lost throughout the building. So the scramble was on keep us on the air. 2 emergency generators the size of semi-trailers were called in and connected to restore temporary power to critical systems. But more had to be done. Additional crews were called in to help and 5th Avenue became a staging area for our satellite trucks. Make-shift studios were built on balconies, the news room was relocated and editing facilities went to other parts of the building using laptops and tape to tape video editors. Everyone made great efforts to pull together and do whatever was necessary at a moments notice. Check out the ‘old school’ graphics!















Additional photos can be seen at the KOMO 4 Morning News Facebook page.


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